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Summer is right around the corner. It's time to get ready for that sizzling Summer sun and have some fun.

What better way to kick off the Summer than to perfect your self-care routine for the season. It can help keep you stress-free, your skin glowing, and yourself thriving.

If you're unsure of how you should change up your self-care routine for the impending season, we have you covered.

Here are three things you need to add to your Summer self-care routine. They will help you have the best Summer ever.

Make Yourself a Summer Playlist

headphones and summer essentials flatlay poolside

Creating the perfect Summer playlist is easy. It's all about choosing the songs that make you feel your best and hype you up for a good time.

Choose songs that have an upbeat rhythm or have lyrics that speak to who you are and who you want to be. We shall call these the "live your best life songs."

Always listen to this playlist before your head out for a good time with your girlfriends on the weekend. 

Turn it up while you put on your makeup, do your hair, clean the house, or in the car on your way to work.

Music is known to feed the soul and affect one's mood. So be sure to choose songs that make you feel your best.

Moisturize... and Then Moisturize Some More

Although spending long days in the sun is so irresistible, we must remember what long-term sun exposure can do to our skin.

It can cause premature aging and discoloration. The best way to prevent this and still have some fun is to first wear sunscreen. But after sun care is just as important and often forgotten when it comes to preventing damage.

We suggest that you add a strict moisturizing regimen to your self-care routine.

After a long day in the Summer sun, take a relaxing bubble bath, and when you get out, give your arms, legs, chest, hips, and stomach a massage with your favorite moisturizer.

This will help your skin maintain its elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Check out our Natural Body Cream; it will leave your skin soft and glowing all Summer long.

End Your Day in Satin PJs

What better way to end a hot Summer day than with a good night's rest. Good sleeping habits are a must-have for any self-care routine.

We recommend you get cozy in one of our satin sleepwear sets. 

Our satin sleepwear sets come in a variety of beautiful African prints that you are bound to love. The satin material is perfect for the warmer nights because it feels cool against the skin. 

There's no need to throw the covers off anymore. You can sleep through the warmer nights peacefully.

Now it's Time to Have Fun in The Sun

Having a routine that prioritizes your mental and physical well-being is essential for living a happy life.

Check out the Nkeoma by Ivy + Livy store for all of your Summer wardrobe and accessories needs.

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