Get to know Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy

We’re Ivy and Livy!

Two sisters who combined our passion for fashion design, love of our African culture and skills passed down from our grandmother to create a fashion brand that celebrates all three of these passions.

Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy definitely didn’t happen overnight. it was born from spending our years at college – alongside studying for our medical degrees – sourcing materials, designing and creating fashion items. We loved exploring our creativity and connecting with our culture.

It always felt like our destiny to have a clothing line in our lives too. From an early age our grandmother, a sought-after clothing designer in Nigeria in the 70’s, taught us the entrepreneurship, design and sewing skills to set us on the path to creating our boutique brand.

We named the brand in celebration of our Nigerian-American heritage, combining our Nigerian names, Nkeiruka and Ifeoma, with our English names, Yvonne and Olivia. This perfectly encapsulated us and what we saw Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy as becoming.

As a brand, we celebrate vibrant African culture through showcasing traditional African prints, known as Ankara, in contemporary, stylish designs and luxurious, opulent fabrics. The ranges incorporate traditional African prints, including kente (originally reserved for Asante royalty), and powerful messaging that focuses on African culture.

We’re self-confessed homebodies, and started out with stylish, luxurious loungewear that consisted of robes, PJ sets and bonnets. These became our bestsellers even to this day. We expanded even further into fashion with accessories and bridal wear, loving every new step.

Our latest addition is a line of natural haircare products; Enkay Naturals. Our hair products are made from natural, organic ingredients sourced from Africa and have been created especially for women with 4C hair.  It caters perfectly to the tight, coily texture of your 4C hair whilst leaving hair moisturized and soft.

Enkay Naturals has been created from a place of love, to stop the trial-and-error that often comes with textured hair. We wanted to develop products that work to save you time and effort in finding your trusted go-to hair products. It was also really important to us that our products came from an authentic place, when so often this isn’t the case. Even better, all of products are cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.

Based in Columbus, Ohio we run Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy from the USA but ship our products to customers and countries all around the globe.

We need to let you know that you’re in great company when you make a purchase from Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy – celebrities love our style too! Yvonne Orji, who stars in HBO’s Emmy Award nominated show ‘Insecure’, featured Nkeoma by Ivy & Livy to her fans. She also included items in her gift packages for her gala events held in Hollywood.

We’ve built something that we’re truly passionate about in Nkeoma, and we want you to feel the same whenever you try, wear or use any of the products we’ve created with you in mind.


Ivy & Livy