7 Places to Wear Your African Print Accessories

African print accessories are the perfect way to add color, vibrancy and beauty to any outfit. Whatever the occasion and your own style, you can easily use African prints to showcase your personality and mood – they’re really easy to dress up or down too.

Where To Wear African Print Accessories?

Ready for any event, African print accessories can be worn for work, formal events, casual activities and glam nights. You can even wear them at home and keep it cozy. Take a look at our styling tips for African print accessories here:

Special Occasions or Celebration Events

There’s no better place to display your African print accessories proudly than at a wedding, celebration or event. If you’re heading to an outdoor event and want to keep your hair out of your face whilst still showing your impeccable, inimitable style then get Afro-glam on the go with the African Print Kente Head Scarf.

African Print Kente Head Scarf

Class, College or School

However casual you dress for class, make a statement with the Kente African Print Bookbag. Featuring the traditional, beautiful and bold Kente print, which represents royalty and wealth, it’s big enough to carry all of your essentials but light enough not to weigh you down. You could even take it on vacation or weekends away.

Kente African Print Bookbag


Festivals can be a lot of fun, but unless you’re staying in luxury it can be tricky to keep your hair looking on-point. If you’re camping out and have a busy schedule, then usually spending hours washing or styling your hair is a no-no. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on everything the festival has to offer.

Make it easy on yourself with the African Print Kente Scarf in Pink – no need to worry about bad hair days so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

African Print Kente Scarf in Pink

Drinks & Dinner

Heading out for drinks or dinner (or both)? Add a splash of color with he African Midi Print Skirt. Available in three different color combinations and African prints, it’s super easy to wear with a flattering elasticated waist. It’s also perfect for dressing up or down, however casual your drinks are. Best of all – it has pockets so you can leave your purse at home!

African Midi Print Skirt

Pair it with a neutral top and let the bold, beautiful colours of this skirt do the talking for you. It’s the perfect statement piece to fuse contemporary and traditional together!


Whilst you might have your destination in mind, travelling from A to B can feel stressful. Don’t let it get you down – accessorize! Even if you prefer your comfiest clothing to travel in, you can still add a touch of African glam (mixed with practicality) with the African Print Large Duffel Bag.

African Print Large Duffel Bag

It’s big enough to fit everything you need, but isn’t bulky enough to tip you over those airline limits. The gorgeous, classy print is the perfect way to add a pop of color into your travel basics. It comes in a ton of different colors and prints too, so take your pick!

Chilling at Home

Taking some time out for yourself doesn’t need to mean looking low-key. Whatever your down time looks like, relax and pamper yourself with an African Print Satin Bonnet. Perfect for protecting your hair, it comes in a huge range of colours and African wax print designs for a truly royal take on relaxation.

This style staple is a best-seller and doubles up as a bonnet or a scarf so you can have the best of both worlds whether you’re running errands, staying in or just completely pampering yourself. If you want to really relax, then take a look at the range of African-inspired sleepwear available too, along with the Natural Essence Skin and Hair Care range – they’re just what you need for true pampering.

African-inspired sleepwear

Date Night

Whether you’re heading out or staying in for date night, do it in style with the African Print Peplum Blouse. Made from African Wax Print fabric, it features a chiffon sleeve, sequin and bead detail, V neckline and full-pleated peplum. It’s perfect to dress up or down, whilst still feeling fun, feminine and flirty.

Pair with jeans, pants, leggings, shorts or a fitted skirt for a dreamy date night look that’ll wow your other half.

African Print Peplum Blouse

Showcase Your Personality and Style with African Print Accessories

African print accessories are the perfect way to show off your personality and style as well as your pride in your African heritage and history. Effortlessly combine style, elegance, tradition and contemporary fashion with beautiful clothing, accessories and sleepwear, all inspired by African prints.

It’s time to celebrate African culture and make a style statement with your accessories by incorporating bright, bold and easy-to-wear fabrics into your everyday outfits, wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re doing.

Shop African Print Accessories today. 

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