How to Customize a Made to Measure Shirt

A made to measure shirt is the ultimate flex - tailoring is the key to looking sharp, well-dressed and ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. It’s usually a more expensive option than buying a standard shirt from a store but many see it as an investment.

There can be so many different choices when you’re customizing a made to measure shirt that it can feel overwhelming. We’ll take you through the essentials you need to know to customize a made to measure shirt.

Why Choose a Made to Measure Shirt

Why Choose a Made to Measure Shirt?

With a made to measure shirt you get a shirt that’s quite literally customized to fit your body. This looks more flattering and sharper than off-the-rack options. This helps to lift the rest of your outfit too, making it look more expensive and tailored.

A custom shirt is often made from higher quality materials, along with expert tailoring from an experienced professional. This could mean that you’re buying shirts less frequently as you’ve invested in better quality clothing that’s been created by one person.

With a made to measure shirt you’re totally in control of the design and creative process. If you know you prefer a certain style, detailing or cut - then it’s yours. You can make sure that your wardrobe reflects your personality and style as well as the fact that no-one will have the exact same shirt. It’s been made to measure for you.

How to Customize Made to Measure Shirt

How to Customize a Made to Measure Shirt?

If you aren’t sure exactly what you can customize on a made to measure shirt (or you just need some inspiration) then let’s take a look at exactly what you can select when you go for a tailored shirt.

Choose Your Fabric

You can choose whatever style, color, design or fabric you want to. Whether you want to keep it classic or go for a one-of-a-kind showstopper then the choice is completely yours. Your tailor should take you through the options available and also advise you on what your best choice should be.

Choose Your Fabric

Choose Your Shirt Style

If you’re thinking of getting a made to measure shirt then you’re probably already aware that there are a huge number of different shirt styles out there. You guessed it, with a customized shirt you can choose the cut or style of shirt that you want.

Whether that’s an Oxford Button Down, Dress Shirt, Cuban Collar Shirt or a Classic Short Sleeve Shirt - the choice is completely yours!

Choose Your Shirt Style

Choose Your Sleeve Style

You can choose the length or fit of your sleeves, depending where and when you want to wear your shirt. It’s also important to think about where you live and how casual you want it to be. As a rule, shorter sleeves are more casual but sometimes they’re a necessity if you live somewhere with a hot climate.

Choose Your Sleeve Style

Choose A Collar

You can choose from a lot of different styles of collar such as classic, button-down, cut-away, wing and mandarin. Different collar styles suit different face shapes so take some guidance on this if you need to.

If you’re not familiar with the different types of collar styles, then read on for more detail on the most common styles you might want to choose from.

Choose A Collar

Classic Collar

A Classic Collar is probably the style you’re most familiar with and tends to suit most face shapes and sizes. It’s particularly flattering for long faces.

Button-down Collar

The ‘button-down’ collar is the same as the ‘classic’ collar but stays in place due to the two buttons on the collar points that fasten to your shirt. This collar is suitable for casual occasions and can be worn with or without a sweater, necktie and jacket over the top.

Cut-away Collar

The ‘cut-away’ collar has a wider spread so there is more room for a necktie. The collar ends also point outwards instead of downwards like the ‘classic’ collars. The ‘wing’ collar is commonly worn with a bow tie for formal occasions including weddings and other black-tie events. The tips sit flat and stand out from the collar, which rest on top of a bow tie.

Wing Collar

A wing collar is the most formal collar style for a dress shirt. It’s started and has the tips pointing downwards in a wing shape. You may have seen this worn with a bow tie in a formal setting.

Wing Collar

Mandarin Collar

A ‘mandarin’ collar is also known as a ‘nehru’, ‘standing’, ‘band’ or ‘choker’ collar. It is a short, unfolded style that stands upwards. It is a versatile collar that can be worn both casually and formally.

Mandarin Collar

Choose Your Cuffs

You can choose an adjustable, angle or straight cuff on long-sleeve shirts too. As well as the cuff style, you can choose the number of buttons including single or double.

Choose Plackets and Pockets

You can choose the style of the fabric section where the buttons and buttonholes run. This includes choosing to have no placket, a front placket or a covered placket. Front placket is the most common and a covered placket is the most formal.

With pockets, you can choose curved, angled or straight pockets - most people tend to match their cuff and pocket style for consistency.

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