Nkeoma By Ivy & Livy

African Print Kente Head Scarf

$ 10

African Print Kente Scarf is soft, breathable with vibrant colors for an Afro-centric look or any style or occasion. This lightweight headwrap  is a great accessory for fashion, yoga, sports training, and exercise. Dress it up in jeans for a quick run to the store, or use as a preserver for your hairstyles at night.

Colorful Head Wraps Scarf is an African Print Poly Chiffon Material that is of excellent quality and durability.


Wrap hair at night to protect while sleeping
Scarf Dimensions: 61in x 13in
Tied to hair to complete a hairstyle
Worn on bag or tote for a pop of color
Draped around the neck to spice up your look for the day
So much more!

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